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A Clock at Mt ShastaThere Josh goes again off on his weird charismatic ideas.  Why can’t he just talk about blogging or travel like the other blogs?  “Make money online right now!” (wink and gunpoint click).  That’s just not my thing.  Writing about the prophetic might not get all the hits, but it’s where I’m coming from.

It’s integrated into who I am, and it plays a large role in what I’m trying to do.  In fact prophetic words will often call out a later reality.  If it’s 20 to 50 years from now it could sound really weird.  I used to be critical about it, but these days it makes more sense.

What’s the prophetic look like?  I’ve grown up in pentecostal and charismatic circles and seen a lot of stuff.  At one time it seemed like it was someone standing up within a worship service and saying, “Thus saith the Lord.”  These days it’s a bit more organized, and they don’t say thees and thous so much, though there is a church lingo of sorts.  They seem to hit home and apply to your life more, and it could happen in church or in just a normal conversation at the coffeeshop.

Now again when I talk about prophetic people or prophets, I’m not talking about something mystical or weird.  All it means is when God speaks through a normal everyday messed up person.  Can God use them even when they’re not perfect?  You betcha.  I know it sounds crazy, but we’re all fallen.  There are guidelines and you don’t want to accept from just anyone, which I’ll get to in a bit.

There’s five different ministry callings in Eph 4:11.  So if you’re majorly involved at church, 1 out 5 you could be a prophet, you never know.  So if you’re wondering why you keep doing weird stuff like running around naked and howling like Micah in the Old Testament or marrying an unfaithful wife like Hosea, maybe this could be for you.  Don’t start thinking you’re gonna get some great cult following.  In fact if you’re the real deal, you could be hated by men.  I’m afraid a career guide isn’t gonna cover this.  I’m not sure how lying on your side for a year (Ez 4:4) would look on a resume, and I don’t know of any special church openings for this position after getting out of Bible college.

I used to want prophetic words a lot back in the day.  Now I seem to have plenty, and am not so much looking for more though it’s welcome when it comes.  And yet now prophetic people seem to come in my path constantly.  It’s like they’re drawn to me.  When I least expect it they get right in my face.  There’s times I start cracking up.  That doesn’t mean it’s not true, but it’s often out-of-the-box.  When you go through a time of searching, you often come across these streams.  They come in all shapes and sizes, but one thing I know, they’re unique (sometimes eccentric), they’re bold, and they’re often kind of intense.  I just do my regular worship thing at church and then they come disrupt your world.  In a good way.

Not usually scary, but more often encouraging.  Some even get on their case when they don’t call out people’s issues.  But hey they gotta say what God gives them.  God so many times draws people in love and gets to the root of something else, not the obvious stuff that other people see.

The prophetic is one thing that I think the church is really seeing these days.  I think I get used to it, and then something else comes that amazes me.

There are guidelines though.  Must follow Scripture, though it’s will often defy every tradition you have.  And it needs leaders over it as it’s a safety net.  This isn’t legalistic, it helps protect people from the weirdos out there, and as you know, there are plenty.  What someone tells you should line up with your personal callings.  If it sounds out there and you don’t get it, pray about it.  If it still makes no sense, either save it for later or just figure it wasn’t right.  It happens.  In the old days they’d stone them when they didn’t get it right.  We might not go that far these days, but it is pretty important to be right on.  So the basic rule, do what God says, and don’t be weird.  Keep Portland weird, but don’t be weird when you try to prophesy.

So hey, if you want to grow, find ways to allow prophetic.  You don’t need to follow prophet so and so, just fast, pray, worship, read the prophetic Scriptures and hang out with others who are into this (but aren’t weirdos).  The words come as God gives them to you or to others.

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