Dad, Are We There Yet?

Me: Okay, Lord.  I see Your promises all over Scripture.  I’ve heard the prophetic words.  What’s going on?  Okay, fine, you win.  I trust you.  Is there anything I need to do?  Anything to change?  Okay, how do I do this?

God: …

Me: Okay, let me search my heart…

Me: Dum, dedum, dum (twittles thumbs for a couple minutes)…Hmm, oh you know what, I need to check my email…

It’s a good thing I’m not into Eastern meditation, because I have trouble being still for very long.  Besides God gave me a brain for a reason.  Yeah, my own thoughts get in the way, but God wants me to fill my mind with Him, not empty it.

It can be frustrating when you know God has something for you and you aren’t seeing it.  Here’s where you have to accept God’s reality instead of yours.  You have to learn to see things spiritually.  Perhaps this is another step from imagination to reality.  Imagination is in your head.  Reality is the product being brought forth.  But in the spirit is another dimension not just in your head.  It’s where faith comes in.  And then there’s that whole process thing.

I like sausage.  Particularly Otto’s on Woodstock in my city of Portland, one of those little markets with fancy meats and cheeses and wine I can’t really afford, but with a great sausage grill outside.  Wow.  Voodoo dunuts and Apizza scholls are starting to become tourist traps.  Many locals go to Ottos, but the crowd isn’t too big.  If you’ll pardon my political incorrectness to my vegi friends, there was a process to getting that tasty beautiful sausage in front of me at the outside table in the nice area on a sunny day after waiting in line by the grill and savoring the aroma of smoke.  Something had to die.  Something had to be cleaned up, processed, and finally cooked over flame.

One problem with the prosperity teaching is that it doesn’t teach the testing process very well.  And vice versa with the testing teachings.  Read Job, it has both.  God made him prosperous and Job served God.  It was going great.  But there was still a testing process.  The good news?  There is a happy ending to it.  He ended up getting double what he had before, after his test and getting a revelation of who God is.

This testing which is in most of the book of Job is really a very small part of Job’s life.  However it was a very important part and addresses some of man’s basic questions.

I also think that when life gets chaotic that’s often nearing the time of breakthrough.  The question I struggle with is, is the chaos a sign of God’s will or being out of God’s will?  Fun questions, huh?  Each situation is unique and I can’t give you 7 ways to solve your problems.

So hey, if you’re in that process, congrats.  You’re being trusted.  Some might roll their eyes at this, but you know, it’s okay, God will work with you on all that.  You don’t necessarily have to like it, but you can trust Him and have joy, purpose and meaning inside.  And there was much rejoicing.  yay  (as the monty python guys wave their flags).

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