The Power of Words

A traditional looking church at sunsetChurch doesn’t seem so much like this now (well, okay maybe a little bit), but this is kind of how I remember it:

Announcer guy: Hey, it’s Sunday morning, tell the person next to you you’re beautiful!  Okay time to shake hands.


Churchguy#1: How are you brother?  (Is he still talking smack about me?)

Churchguy#2: I’m blessed, glory, glory!  (I’m so depressed, boohoohoo.)

Churchguy#1: Nice weather, huh? God is good, all the time!  (I just looked at a naughty website. I hope he doesn’t find out.)

Churchguy#2: Amen!  (Nobody likes me here.  I just don’t “fit in.”  Wah!)

There was a time when I hung in the word of faith circles.  You know, those Kenneth guys and all that.  They were these people that went around talking about the power of words and speaking in tongues without shame.  I learned that death and life is in the power of tongue and what you say can come into being.  A few things happened along the way to make me cynical.  I’ve seen a few church scandals, experienced tests of my own, and seen a way of church that was a more material, less spiritual view of word of faith, prosperity teaching, etc, that seemed to put a plastic, positive face on Sunday.  However this doesn’t change the power of word of faith teachings and I’m being slowly brought back to a right Biblical view.  It seems like people tend to go to one extreme and react and go to the other.

I hate money manipulation whether from a guy in a cardinal hat offering indulgences or the guy in a fancy suit talking like a used car salesman.  Back in the day they had pledges called “faith promises” which was sort of an American “buy now, pay later” approach to giving.  But however polluted they’ve been in the past, concepts of giving still ring true.  What you sow, you will reap.

What we say impacts our way of life.  And others as well.  I read an article about beginning entrepreneurship which was saying you’ve got to protect your baby.  Stay clear of naysayers and hang out with encouragers and mentors who give you constructive criticism.  This applies to many ventures and growth.

I heard a guy that said, “Some might say what if God makes me rich and I turn my back on Him?  I say if God makes you rich and you turn your back on Him, well you’re just an idiot.”

Where word of faith went wrong is that faith isn’t denial of the problem in the now.  This can lead to putting the plastic face on on Sunday.   Faith is seeing the situation for what it is and acknowledging God’s power to change things.

How you see yourself does impact the way others see you.  If you go around thinking poor me, I’m a victim, then things will continue the way they are.  If you think yes I’ve had some things that have happened, but I can rise out of circumstance, well I’ll applaud you but warn you, it’s not going to be easy.  It’s going to take some blood, sweat and tears.  The problem with much self-help teaching is we’re looking for “quick-fixes” like talking to a mirror.

If you’re in a situation where you’re just not seeing it happen, I wish I could give you quick answers, all I can say is keep plugging away at it.  Follow the warrior instinct.  Don’t give up.  Speak the positive and hang out with the positive.  Ask God to help you find the real positives, not the posers.  Now 20 pushups!

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