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Desk sapia work productivityWhen I get up in the afternoon after resting a bit after my early morning job, I have two voices whispering my ear.  Mine aren’t the usual old cartoon angel and red devil with a pitchfork (what a creep). My devil looks more like Liv Lyler and her name is Jasmine, but my conscience looks like Mr Miyagi.  His name is Bob.

Bob says.  “Get up Joshsan, pursue dreams, work out, and be creative.  Wax on, wax off.”  Jasmine says things like, “Go back to sleep, you know you deserve it.  You don’t get enough and it’s so relaxing.  It’s better for your health.”   Somehow I follow Bob’s advice and get up.  While I have my coffee and cereal, Bob says, “Joshsan!  Read Bible.  Write to-do list.  Then practice kicks.  Then sand the floor, wax on, wax off.”, while Jasmine bats her eyes and says, “Just check your email, then make use of all shiny social media out there, and forget working out or the boring parts of work. Don’t be legalistic.”  Unfortunately there have been too many times where I’ve actually believed her.

In The War of Art, Pressfield talks about going pro. At a 9-5 job we show up to work no matter what.  A pro will adopt the same mindset toward art.  Not waiting to be “inspired” or when they “feel like” working.

It’s one thing to say I’m going after my dreams.  It’s another thing to get in there and actually get things done.  Being creative comes very easily for me and I was raised with a strong 9-5 work ethic, but for some reason applying the work ethic to my own dreams was hard for me for a long time.

I eventually learned to use the many lulls in life.  I had a boring job in a warehouse, so being a jedi-in-training I figured out a workout routine I could do while standing around.  In the meantime I was listening to podcasts and audiobooks involving self-development, business, sermons, music, and Spanish.

With music I started working on it five minutes every day no matter how tired I was.  At times it would become hours sometimes not.  Before I knew, I’d accomplished quite a bit.  When you get into your 30s you realize that every day has to count for something and you can’t get caught up in busyness, because life will pass you by if you let it even if it means sacrificing some of that precious beauty sleep.

I’m still learning the tech stuff.  But with all the gadgets, aps and programs out nowadays we can become an efficient machine.  TV is rarely watched as it sets an idea “this is the way it is”.  You are what you make of yourself.  Free time would be better spent in social time, reading, learning, traveling, or doing cool, interesting stuff.

Do you want to make dreams a reality?  You’ll have to be radical in the day-to-day.

Tim Ferris talks about how we tend to busy ourselves and avoid the uncomfortable.  What’s an uncomfortable step you’ve been avoiding?  Take a baby step on that this week.  As hard as it is, It’s worth it, believe me.


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