Midweek Quote: The Justice God is Seeking

It’s the smell that gets me.

It’s the same in the places I go outside the insulation of Western prosperity.  Open sewage and open sores.  The mixed odors of exotic perfume and stench of poverty, with no middle-class buffer to keep them apart.  The stink of religion gone mad and fatalism unchecked, of abuse and power and the innocents it enclaves.  The reek of desperation and decay.  It’s the smell that gets me.

But here’s the miracle: Just when my senses are on overload and I don’t think I can take anymore, I sniff a sweet aroma cutting through the nausea, and before long there is true beauty among the ashes.  There is a tantalizing fragrance that touches the place of worship like no other.  From beneath the stale fumes of brokenness and human decay, there is a smell I have come to love.  And most surprising of all, I have discovered it is a scent that delights the nostrils of God Himself.  It is the fragrance of justice.

David RuisThe Justice God is Seeking pg. 25

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