Finding Your Inner Jedi

“Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.” Malcolm Wallace, Braveheart

Lego king and wizard standing atop a towerThe Student stared into the eyes of the Opponent.  Sabum Nim yelled “Jun Be!” and they bounced, hearts racing as they got ready to spar.  “Shijak!”.  They circled then threw a few kicks.  As the Opponent tried to launch a kick the Student suddenly closed the distance.  The Student threw some punches at the body armor and the Opponent scrambled out of the way.  The smaller Warrior fought for his life to keep the close distance.  The Opponent gave a few punches and backed up.  The Student didn’t relent.  Finally the Opponent backed up enough to launch a powerful roundhouse to the Student’s head at the side of his helmet.  The Student stopped and cracked a joke about seeing stars and the Opponent apologized.  When someone mentioned there was blood, the Student left to clean it up.  After class they hugged and talked about it a while, excited about sparring strategies.  The Student, tired and bruised, felt alive, free, joyful far more than the lethargy a couple years back.

I remember when I was a kid, I used to daydream of glorious battles of old.  Sometimes I even wished I could be in one.  I’d sit in church bored of the sermon and drawing weapons and battles and spaceships and who knows what else.  Me and my buddies would read books about wars and somehow found it fun to take apart limbs of lego warriors from the heat of battle.  Weird?  Yeah, I know.  It was just my inner Jedi.

Every man is called to be a jedi.  I don’t mean woowoo and making spaceships levitate, that’s just creepy.  I just mean fighting injustice and that sort of thing.  Having a cause and mission that is so strong within that only death itself can stop you.

They keep hammering about how we need less nice, churchy guys in church and more macho men (please no Village People songs allowed).  And I agree, so okay, someone please tell us what to DO.  What, are we all supposed to wear camouflage pants and carry massive Bibles while listening to Driscoll podcasts in our musclecars and just pray really hard?  Sheesh, such vague spiritual talk.

In church we tend to overspiritualize things.  David was an awesome worship leader, but he wasn’t a typical hip church guy just spending his entire life singing with his guitar and hanging out at coffeehouses.  If he had a beanie it would’ve looked more like a metal helmet and when he wasn’t in church, he was out fighting God’s enemies.  No, not just spiritual.  I mean like really KILLING men.  Limbs chopped off, Gladiator action, shaky movie-camera work with dirt and blood flying at the lens, cool stuff like that.  I would think David would be more like that sniper on Saving Private Ryan who quoted Scripture as he took out German soldiers.

So I don’t care how geeky, emo, metro or whatever you think you are.  You can still find your warrior calling.  I’m a weird, artsy guy, and was the clutsiest guy in my martial arts class, but after hanging in there and practicing I got better and had a great time.  The warrior mentality helps with life in general not just self-defense.  I can focus on my dreams and don’t let resistance get me down near as easily.

John Eldredge says a man must find his strength, and women won’t do this for him.  That way he has something to offer to HER, not the other way around.  Like Aragorn, who was tested for many years before getting the girl and the kingdom.  Guys don’t be demanding an instant perfect woman from God to solve your problems.  It’s important to get a sense of purpose for yourself.  This goes for both married and single men.  I suppose you can always do the Fight Club thing and just start punching each other, but that just makes a mess on the basement floor.

(as soft piano music plays) So guys if you struggle with your jedi identity, everybody close your eyes, raise your hands and we’ll pray for you…  Just kidding.  Come on guys, this is key to breakthrough.  While the ladies are praying for us because we need it bad, I say go find the adventurer, the ninja, the warrior that God created you to be.  If you cut down on the video games, you can use those hours to level up in real life.  Take up an activity, whether mma, taekwondo, p90x, anything that gets you off the couch.  If nothing else get a bike and ride around the block.  If money is an issue, there are community centers and colleges that offer this type of thing dirt cheap as well as info from youtube and the library.  Hang around the tough guys and have them show you stuff.  You might be surprised at how willing some of these guys are to help you out.  Entrepreneurs, athletes, anybody with drive that’ll rub off on you.  In fact I can guarantee new positive friends (girls too!) will come into your life where least expected, when they see you’re genuinely trying.

Jun be…  Shijak!

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  • Treeheart says:

    “A Jedi uses the Force for knowledge and defense, never for attack.”