Crossing to Reality

Hoffstadt Bridge Mount St HelensI was thinking about this post and coming up with ideas to write.  Then before I knew it, what do you know it was time to jump out of the flying vehicle.  As I was jumping I said, “Here we go!”  Suddenly…

BIDIDIPLIP BIDIDIPLIP!  I woke up from the dream.  No joke.

So about my theme.  Imagination is a good thing.  I did it all the time as a kid and still do.  I’ve heard of adults acting like it’s a bad thing, but fortunately I was raised in a setting where imagination was encouraged.  My family read books all the time and encouraged me to do the same.

Where the problem lies is when we grow up we’re supposed to learn how to bring these imaginations into reality.  But so often we don’t.  Why?  What is it holding us back?

Steven Pressfield writes about a concept called “resistance”.  It could be fear, laziness, insecurities, distractions, etc.  It often appears as rationalizations such as, “I’m so busy I don’t have time.”  They key is to see resistance for what it is and deal with it head on, and when that happens the monster will suddenly seem very huge in the moment.

The bridge to reality is process.  Do that action that you’re supposed to be doing regardless of the results.  If it’s fear, face it.  If it’s laziness you will learn to work.  You’ll finally learn that the journey is important, and if God were to just hand you everything you wanted instantly when you wanted it, you’d be spoiled, prideful.

Hoffstadt Bridge Mt Saint HelensFor me lately it’s been social media.  I rearranged my life to pursue my dreams and yet I realized that I’d gone several weeks without working on the music for my project, because of doing other things.  It can be good for promotion in it’s place, but can be a distraction if you let it.  Josh, you don’t need validation or praise.  Get over yourself and just do what you’re called to be doing.

And so the challenge is take your resistance head-on.  I guess I should practice what I preach and fast social media for a couple days this weekend, just focusing my computer time on the work itself.  See ya Monday.

What’s your resistance?  I name her Jasmine.  She might be cute, but she’s a monster.

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  • Nowhere Man says:

    Nothing worth doing in life comes easy, which makes the victory that much more sweet.