Avoiding Cliches

Upside down SunsetHave you ever wondered what is standing in the way of pursuing your dreams?…nope, that won’t work…  um  Hey guys we need to be more passionate.  nope, scratch that…Okay, c’mon guys we have a unique message we need to voice to this generation…  AAAHH!!


The cliches keep popping up in my head!  How do I keep them away, without sounding like a freak?

Last week Jeff Goins challenged bloggers to write something dangerous.  And you know that Christian bloggers are some of the most intimidating people ever.  Run for your life, it’s Josh’s blog!  Okay, well like I heard a pastor say once, maybe I’m not one of those mma guys staring each other down before a fight, but I can still be courageous at heart.  While this isn’t exactly shock material, I think it’s an important subject songwriters or any type of artist, writer, speaker, etc. needs to wrestle with.

If resistance is a monster according to Steven Pressfield, I suppose cliches are like tiny bugs that crawl their way into our work or art.  They can appear without us even noticing.  And yet they are detrimental to creativity, and us finding our own uniqueness.

It’s natural to blend in to society.  We need that to some extent.  But we also need to learn how to impact society by finding our own unique voice.

Here’s my theory with writing songs, but I think you can apply the concept elsewhere as well.  I think it’s good to learn the ingredients of a hit song and even study pop.  It’s fine for a song to have typical understandable lyrics that others can identify with, and sound more or less like what was there before.  The catch is to throw in a unique phrase here and there that’s different than whatever else you’ve heard and makes people go hmmm…  And of course a unique opener helps.

So hey if you can get that concept to whatever you do.  Say you can paint as good as Thomas Kinkade (yeah, I know, bear with me a second).  Well, just add some spice, throw in something slightly dangerous, veer slightly off the beaten path and you might just have a great marketable piece of artwork.

So yeah, use your thesaurus in your work with words, try to think of new ways to say things in day-to-day conversation, writing, or artwork.  And don’t go to Starbucks (I couldn’t resist!), unless of course that corporate atmosphere is what you need to get things done.  Hey whatever works.

Hey, I just thought of that word again, “Creative acts of risks release the creativity of God.”  Applies to art as well.

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