The Power of Words

A traditional looking church at sunsetChurch doesn’t seem so much like this now (well, okay maybe a little bit), but this is kind of how I remember it:

Announcer guy: Hey, it’s Sunday morning, tell the person next to you you’re beautiful!  Okay time to shake hands.


Churchguy#1: How are you brother?  (Is he still talking smack about me?)

Churchguy#2: I’m blessed, glory, glory!  (I’m so depressed, boohoohoo.)

Churchguy#1: Nice weather, huh? God is good, all the time!  (I just looked at a naughty website. I hope he doesn’t find out.)

Churchguy#2: Amen!  (Nobody likes me here.  I just don’t “fit in.”  Wah!)

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Midweek Quote: Do The Work

The Big Crash

We were doing so great.  Our project was in high gear, we were almost finished (maybe we actually were finished).

Then inevitably-

Everything crashes.

If our project is a movie, the star checks into rehab.  If it’s a business venture, the bank pulls our financing.  If it’s a rodeo, our star bull runs away with a heifer.

The Big Crash is so predictable, across all fields of enterprise, that we can practically set our watches by it. p72

When we experience panic, it means that we’re about to cross a threshold.  We’re poised on the doorstep of a higher plane. p 77

The good news is it’s just a problem. p. 79

Get to THE END as quickly as if the devil himself were breathing down your neck and poking in the butt with his pitchfork.  Believe me he is. p. 37

Shipping is not for squeamish or the faint of heart.  It requires killer instinct.  We’ve got the monster down; now we have to drive a stake through its heart. p 87.

Do the Work- by Steven Pressfield

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Did you Learn to Love?

A couple at Rocky Butte at night.They used to say years ago that one should make a list of things they want in a spouse and pray that to God.  Now they’re saying to make a list of what you want to change in yourself for your spouse.  The latter makes sense.  Now that I think about it the former idea is a bit selfish.  It’s legit and honest to ask, but have some variety besides “gimme, gimme!”  We don’t want all cookie monster prayers.
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Make Every Moment Count

Desk sapia work productivityWhen I get up in the afternoon after resting a bit after my early morning job, I have two voices whispering my ear.  Mine aren’t the usual old cartoon angel and red devil with a pitchfork (what a creep). My devil looks more like Liv Lyler and her name is Jasmine, but my conscience looks like Mr Miyagi.  His name is Bob. Continue reading »

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Midweek Quote: A Million Miles (another one)

When we watch the news, we grieve all of this, but when we go to the movies, we want more of it. Somehow we realize that great stories are told in conflict, but we are unwilling to embrace the potential greatness of the story we are actually in. We think God is unjust, rather than a master storyteller. -A Million Miles in a Thousand Years p 31,32, by Donald Miller

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When God is Silent

Crown Point looking over the Columbia RiverMe: Lord, I come to You and worship You… So um…how’s it going?

God: …

Me: Well, yeah…okay…uh…(puts on worship music, bobbing around singing along)

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