2012…Where is Music Going?

Musicians playing at the Green Onion Jazz Club“#&$%.  I hate Pro-Tools!”  Do you remember Don Music from Sesame Street?  Youtube him sometime, it’s classic.  The way he’d bang his head on the piano, I feel like that sometimes while recording music.  It’s scary.  You might like to see me play and sing worship, but you do not want to be in the room while I’m recording. Especially when trying to run pro-tools from my old laptop and external harddrive.  Yes, music is what I want to do with my life.  But these days it’s not enough to be creative in music.  You have to learn marketing, networking, and social skills as well as technical skills with software, social media, etc.

From studying where the music business is going these days, it seems like a jungle.  Are there any stars except for teen pop singers and Disney?  There seems to be a lot of fartsynth electronica and indy singers with ukeleles and really bad generic metal bands.  At work I still hear the radio and it plays songs that have been popular for years and have made their way into the hearts of the culture.  Now what?  Far East Movement might have cool electronic sounds, I don’t think it’ll make any of the long lasting impact hit songs made back in the day even if the world doesn’t end according to the Mayan calender.

Nowadays kind of reminds me of the way music was before recording.  Back in the day stories and music were by traveling bards and farmers and workers jamming in the evening for fun.  These days stars are disappearing once again and the internet becomes the marketplace.

I hope I don’t turn into one of those “they don’t make music like they used to” guys.  Getting older I have to fight it sometimes.  While the old songs impacted me at an important time in life, I still have to remember my mullet, shopping at Musicland, and your favorite cassette tape getting unwound.  They were good times and bad times.  Trust me good music is out there now, you just have to look.

Then there’s worship.  There was once a time before the scene was taken over by boybands and country singers.  Aside from some elements of cheesiness, there were songs that have been around for years that we still sing in church.  My problem with much of the new stuff is it just seems to come and go and there’s so much.  But they say there’s a creative sound from heaven that God is giving singers and musicians.  Strictly artistically speaking there is some music coming out that I would say is better than whatever the secular market is coming out with in these days.  This is different than the past when Christian music copied secular in attempts to to be relevant (think Stryper or the Simpson’s “Pious Riot”.)

So all my rants aside…we’re in unexplored territory guys.  Music, the prophetic arts, and media are shaping the way we think of church today.  Are we open to new sounds?

The way Mike Bickle suggested is to sit down with the worship team and just jam for an hour, sing in the Spirit, pray, etc.  We won’t have to copy the world, when we listen to the creativity God places within us, though it might take a while to find.  If you have a guitar or instrument, try it sometime.  It’s worth it.

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