The Bad Part of Sickness: Comfort

Mountain view from train, trees covered with snow and cloudy backgroundJosh’s travel tip: If you decide to have a crab sandwich, then sample many tables of international food at the Festival of Cultures, then have Weinerschitzel hotdog and jalepeno poppers, it might be tasty and adventurous and yet hazardous to your health.


The night as I was about to leave on the train, I was suddenly overcome with the veracity of my stomach’s revenge for not keeping my normal healthy standards.  I called Amtrak and said I can’t make this train.  The next day talked to the guy in the office with an Indian-sounding accent and Def Leopard shirt and rented another day at the Stardust.  Spent most of that day resting.  Then called in to work, talked to Mum a bit, then a girl I was working some things out with.

Finally got the strength the next to take the train.  With two seats and a pillow had one of the most restful rides ever with awesome views of the mountainside and by the time it was over I felt quite a bit better.

And so I ponder and I’m going to be real about this.  Of all the places to be sick at, Redding, where miracles are supposed to happen.  I don’t want to let this shake my faith.  Sometimes these things happen.  I don’t know why.  Whether it’s the devil or just one of those quirks of life, who knows.

I suppose sickness could be even a comfort as it reassures doubts which keep one safe for the now.  The problem with being sick or in any kind of pain is that it gets you back to comfort/excuse mode, where you remain passive, because you’re forced to rest.  And yes rest is better than exercise when sick, but it’s easy to get lazy and flip on the tube and not grow through it.  When perhaps we could be challenging ourselves reading verses on healing and that sort of thing.  But hey, we’re human.  Grace for yesterday’s mistakes, strength to overcome today, every day.

Still holding to optimistic beliefs about Bethel.  Backtrack to Saturday where I went to get some food and saw an outreach right at the next hotel from Bethel.  Pretty cool, people making an impact in the community with food and that sort of thing.  They also stress the importance of words of knowledge and healing on the streets, making evangelism seem so easy.  A guy came and talked to me and found out I was visiting Bethel and then asked if he could help, so I let him pray into some of my situations.  It was just so cool that here I was outside of my hotel on the other side of town and experiencing it right on the streets.  Wow, these people don’t always hang out at church and they’re not all guys with mullets and ladies with off-beat tamborines.  Maybe there is something different to this revival scene.  The busdrivers knew how to get me to Bethel and I also heard smidgits of conversations about revival type stuff at coffeehouses and delis in different parts of town.  It’s just interesting to see this stuff happening outside the church walls.

Exploring a bit I saw one of those hip record/book stores we see in Portland all the time and for some reason still spend my time there, despite not needing more junk.  Then an art gallery.  Later went on to Buz’s Crab.  I suppose it could’ve been the culprit, but wow their open-faced hot sandwich with crab cheese and olives was to die for.


That evening was the Festival of Cultures at the Convention Center which was put on by Bethel.  It’s kind of like Highland games for revival people.  People dress up, watch bands, sample food and show their art.  Yeah, my kind of place, huh.  There would be tables with information on nations and how to pray for them and that sort of thing, along with food samples. Could the culprit have been there?  Hmm, curry, many weird candies, and generally things I’d have to ask what it was, which made good conversation.  While Andrew Zimmern might’ve been bored, the cuisine samples would be somewhat different for most of us Americans.

And when I came back the last thing I ate before getting sick: Weinerschitzel.  It was fun while it lasted, but it ain’t no fun no more…

And so final words of wisdom.  Adventures and risks in the area of food and travel are memorable experiences good and bad, and usually the good outweighs the bad.  I wouldn’t trade my experience for a day of just lying around in a fancy hotel.  Still it never hurts to use hand sanitizer on your semi-risky ventures.  Bon Voyage.

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