Faith-Keeping the Dream Door Open

Tickets to Dunsmuir and ReddingSo what do you guys think?  Is my life and blog rather unique?  Get ready, because it’s about to get even weirder…

Even now I’m on the train to Dunsmuir, California where I’ll hang out at Mt Shasta for a bit, and then from there to Redding where the well-known Bethel church dwells.  I was hoping to get a wi-fi, but apparantly not.  Lame, notepad it is then.

You would’ve thought I’d have grown out of revival hopping by now.  But now, maybe I’ve grown more cynical, or maybe less cynical these days, but I still like to go to places where people are hungry for the presence of God.  I don’t know a whole lot about Bethel, but I hear good things from those who have been there.

Bethel emphasizes the prophetic, and I’ve heard reports of miracles, visions, outbreaks of God’s presence in clouds and that sort of thing.  I have yet to see some of these things, but I try to keep an open mind despite my cynicism.  I tell doubters, hey okay, I can’t say I’ve seen it, and yeah some of it might be hype, but what if there’s some truth to it?  I refuse to close the door of dreams.

Remember my theme of wanting to live the life, not just reading about it in books?  What if by some chance the miracles that we only read about in the Bible existed today?  Okay, so charismatics say they believe in healing.  Really?  Do we?  I suppose maybe we have the faith to see a cold healed after 4 to 7 days.  Maybe we have the faith to bring someone a prophetic word that God loves them.  But do we have the faith do believe that the lame will walk when we lay hands on them?  I haven’t seen much of that stuff, mostly pentecostal hype. And there’s nothing lamer than praying with authority over the sick and seeing nothing happen.  But then at least they put themselves out there and tried.  But I can’t help but think even after years of not seeing the miracles and wonders…what if it’s true?

I hear of people saying they saw a cloud in a powerful service we had at church.  Huh?  I remember having some awesome worship, but…a cloud?  How come I never get to see clouds?

I have had a few experiences that I know were real, you can believe me or not, but I know I felt something.  Like in Toronto years ago when I actually felt the weight of God’s glory to the point where I could not stand up, which inspired the end of the bridge to Far Beyond: “And when I see that You’re real I fall to my knees, as I catch but a glimpse of Your glory, I worship You, I worship You.”

I had many similar experiences back in those days.  We call them the renewal days, when basically our church services turned head over heels crazy like the revival movements of old.  Much of the worship music we sing today came from that movement.  I realize we like to make fun of the guy in the white suit blowing on people.  But it wasn’t all like that.  And suppose amidst all the hype maybe some was true?  Remember man is not perfect and you shouldn’t always throw the baby out with the bathwater.

Then there’s the prophetic.  When words spoken forth years ago come to life.  The past few years for some reason prophetic people like to come to me with words, despite half the time when I’m sort of cynical about them.  But it’s largely prophetic words that led to the direction I’m going now.   I’ve had words on teaching, entrepreneurship, creativity and excellence in other areas besides the arts, climbing mountains in my life and leading others in the same way, finding rivers within those mountains, exploring other avenues besides music, being like a salmon going upstream, and um…being like a pickle.  I know not all might make sense to you guys, but I get them now.

You know what’s frustrating about the prophetic though?  You don’t see it right away.  And it often comes about in a far different way than what you thought.  Usually some way that brings God glory instead of yourself.  What a concept, huh?

Jesus told us we need to have faith as small as a mustard seed. Maybe you grew up in church and have seen all the hype.  But do you think there’s still a chance?  Faith is not the easy route.  It’s not the “safe” route.  There are people that have believed for something all their life and have heard all the prayers, and not seen results and have had their hopes dashed over and over and over.  Whether physical pain or otherwise I think sometimes it’s just easier to deal with pain that we already have then the pain of failure.

But what if we somehow left this door of imagination open just a crack?  Let’s see what this trip has in store.  I think it’s going to be interesting.  Welcome to the land of uncomfort…

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