Reviving Lost Dreams

A few months ago me and my friend who I’ll call Jane sat at Jazzy Bagels in Gresham and talked about dreams and life.

One of my favorite conversations to have with girls, because it makes me sound deep and it’s more interesting than clothes or antiques or whatever it is girls like to talk about.  And that way I don’t bore them with hobbit adventures or klingon symphonies.

So as I sip on my green tea I say, “I hope that life never comes and interrupts.  What I see happen so many times is people get the wife or husband, get the kids, the nice house, the SUV, and somehow life eats up the dreams they were once truly passionate about.  Not that wife and kid aren’t part of dreams as well, but you know what I mean.  Wow, those are good bagels.  The sundried tomato flavor is awesome.”

Jane then brushes back her long black hair back from her striking Asian features (bummer she’s not a Christian, oh well, I can still enjoy “friendship”).  She sips her tea as well and says, “It scares me too.  I heard this story about a lady who was a great ballerina at one time.  Practiced for hours upon hours a day.  It was her life’s passion.  Then she finally got married.  Then had kids.  Somewhere along the line the ballet disappeared.  She became a shell of who she once was.”

Deep in thought, I look around around the place, brightly lit, checkered floors, perfectly placed picture frames around the fireplace with comfy armchairs and a piano in the middle of the main room and an ice cream bar to the side.  More on the newly furbished side than the older buildings in downtown Portland.  I then turn to her and say, “Well, you know she could’ve still kept her dreams.  She could still go ballroom dancing with her husband on the weekends.  Just something.  Maybe it wouldn’t be all the way, but at least the dream would still be alive.  That’s the way it is with my music.  I let it sit for a while, while I got busy with life, but then finally committed myself to start moving forward again with it.  That even when tired at the end of the day after two jobs, if I could just spend five minutes at least I took a step toward in my dream.  If people would force themselves to just spend five minutes every day on their dream, no matter how tired, scared or indifferent, they might start getting forward.  Sometimes it turns into an hour or two and lot gets done, other times it’s just five tough minutes then go to bed.  Either way at least the day was not wasted.”

Then finishing up her tea, she says, “What does your Christian music sound like?”

“Didn’t I show it to you on the drive to Tualatin when we went to the gun threat simulation?  I guess you were stressed at finding the place and making it on time.  Very well, here you go.”

I take my little black Sansa and found the rough draft of “Far Beyond” and have her take a listen.

Far beyond what I see
Far beyond what I know
Far beyond all comprehension
Far beyond what I dream
Far beyond what I hope
Far beyond my imagination

Far beyond space and time
You reign in glory    
For Your ways are much higher than mine
I’m breathless before You…

Eventually the song is done.  “I like it.”, she says.

I yawn from lack of sleep after my early morning job, “Hooow, awn ettin tired, guess it’s time to call it a day.”

And so I left Jazzy Bagels with my little Asian friend.  As Humphrey Bogart would say, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Time to put my seduction skills into play: “So wanna to go to church with me?  You know you want to…”


So much for my great missionary dating skills.


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  • Kori Smith Bates says:

    Josh, I never knew you talked so much. I love reading your thoughts. Really miss hearing you play Piano. That was always the high light of my day at that HORRIBLE school on Holgate.

    • Josh Taylor says:

      Kori, glad you liked it. As for piano I have some music on my music page here that has some piano playing.
      Anyway, thanks. Josh

  • Margaret says:

    Great post! Made it over here from the Puttytribe, and richly rewarded for it- very clever, and funny, and pithy. Best of luck (with the blog AND the *ahem* Search)!

    • Josh Taylor says:

      Thanks Margaret for the encouragement. I checked out your cooking site and it’s a nice looking site as well. Simple is best. It’s the content that counts.