How Busy is Too Busy?

205 at nightA couple years ago when my church merged with another church from Vancouver, I remember taking the longer drive.  Driving out on the 205 bridge and seeing the breathtaking view of the Gorge and Mt. Hood I thought this seemed right.  I’d feel God as soon as I crossed the river.  Like something was released.  New seasons, the old has gone, the new has come.

And it has been a journey, one which I’m still taking.  Now I’ve moved across the border to a place perhaps less noisy, a bit more conservative.  My dad helped me moved the other day and we were talking about how many flags were being hung in the neighborhood which is good.  Patriotism isn’t something you see much of in Portland. Continue reading »

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Fascination-Intelligent Design and the Search for Truth

Me standing by the freeway near Paradise PointWhen I was a kid, I was a bit of a science geek with my shiny rock collection and a microscope where I could look at salt or hair close enough to see shapes and designs.  My dad and I would take my telescope to the park on a clear night in freezing weather covered in blankets. There was no internet back then so I’d pour over books and magazines and call OMSI’s planet schedule.  I remember how exciting it was to barely find Saturn in my telescope and see the rings.

And I still love science as an adult, though my understanding seems to peak at a certain point.  I’ve been watching this series, Cosmos, a new version of the old Carl Sagan series, which I remember watching as a kid.  It’s like the textbooks I read in gradeschool, but a lot more exciting, though I don’t agree with some of his message.

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Did You Know? – Seven Interesting Facts about Rockefeller

Screenshot_2014-01-01-08-55-16While working many long hours at Brown, audiobooks help keep my sanity in the midst of monotony.  You might be surprised at the many different walks of life I read about.  Biographies lately have been Greg Allman, a sniper in Iraq, and Rockefeller.  As diverse as these guys are, they all influence me in some way.  What goes through their heads?  What can I learn and glean from these successful people?

Don’t know what you’ve heard much about Rockefeller, although most at least know he had tons of money.  Perhaps you might even disagree with some his monopolistic practices in the oil industry.  But you can agree that he did some good things.

Did you know?

  • He was an upstanding Christian, faithful to his wife and family.  He faithfully attended and supported his little community Baptist church, even when others thought someone of his nature would be seen hanging out at the richer churches. Continue reading »



Singled Out

Here’s a great article on being single in church:


It sounds like she’s coming from a lot of hurt, but still there’s some good points being brought out without it sounding too negative.

The only thing I’d disagree with is on the “celebrate single people”.  Please no singleness parties for me.  Just leave me alone!  lol

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Life in College, Christmas Overtime

PCC in the FallSo here are my Christmas gifts: R&R, sleep, and yes, TIME.  Christmas slammed the shipping company I work at, and they paid us crazy money to work crazy hours.  I finally had a chance to make some good money as if God was saying, “I’m glad you’ve done your part for better or worse.  Now watch what I can do.”

Is it a good thing when life moves too fast for one to blog about it?  Some say we move too fast in our culture, and I see their point.  But I’d say in my case it’s a good thing.  I’m after something. Continue reading »

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Stories of God’s Provision

Pumpkins and squashes and sign that says: Carnival Squash 45 cents lb.When I was at my folks’ house, my dad was struggling to shut the door to the freezer and keep the food in after getting back from Costco.  First world problems.  I told him this is actually a good problem to have.  Doesn’t Proverbs say something about how your vats overflowing with new wine?

This is a season to really pause and consider God’s faithfulness.

Last couple of years, I’ve had to learn to rely on God as I go after my purpose.  But I’m tired of talking about myself.

It’s time to hear other people’s stories of how God has provided for them financially.  So gathered some other writers to share their stories.  All together, I figured this could help boost our faith and the faith of whoever reads this.  So here we go: Continue reading »


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